Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Rainy Season Ended

A week and a half ago, the rainy season ended. And I really mean ended. It didn't phase out or anything - one day it was chucking it down every day, then one day it just stopped. And it hasn't rained since.

And so the city is back to where it was in May. The muddy streets are dusty again. The air isn't clear any more - there's a dust haze gradually rising. The green on the hills is fading - although it's hard to tell if that's because the plants are dying or if it's because the dust is blocking them out.

And it's getting hot. Not crazy hot like it was in May, but still low 30s and nothing in the way of breeze to cool it down. And there's none of that fresh feeling we get when it rains - just thick, hot air. Fewer pretty sunsets too, as the dust blocks them, and no more spectacular fork lightening across the sky.

So - there was a brief, shining moment... and then more dust.

At the hash, we're still running, but it's just a lot less nice than it was - it's hot and I'm sure one day I'll drop dead with dehydration.

On the plus side, there's no mud any more, and I don't have to walk through a lake to get to work. And it's easier to get a taxi because there's less competition and the ones missing windscreen wipers can stay in action.

But I miss the nice clean dust free air :-(

Apparently by mid-November it'll get as cool as the low 20s though, so that's something to look forward to.

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