Thursday, 12 July 2012

Olympic Swimming Pool

At the moment, the rainy season is starting in Dakar, which means several things:
1. It's getting steadily hotter
2. It's very humid
3. Every few days it chucks it down for a couple of hours and is blissful afterwards. Totally different kind of heat and unpleasantness to Mali (that was way hotter but also less humid. I'm not sure which I dislike more), but similar post rain gloriousness.

One of the things this means for me is that I'm less keen to go running. By the sea there's a breeze which makes it sort of bearable, but it's already about 1.5k each way to get to the sea, and given the heat I can't go much further than 8k, and when 3 of those are sheer hell and the rest are mildly horrible, it doesn't seem worth it.

Luckily, Dakar has a solution for me. About 5 minutes from the office (10 minutes from the house) is an olympic sized swimming pool. Entry cost 1000 CFA (about £1.30). It's open air, and is open till eight, which is perfect for leaving work at 7, getting home and dashing to the pool. The a/c in my part of the office is fairly rubbish, but there are few things more awesome than leaving the office and within 15 minutes being doing lengths in a clean, massive, refreshing pool - crucially, it's big enough that even when it's hot out, the pool isn't too hot.

I'm going to keep saying this till everyone believes me: I honestly don't understand why everyone doesn't want to live in Dakar. It's actually like paradise.

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