Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Small World

It's a very small world sometimes. Mostly we say that when things happen that are actually totally predictable, like meeting someone I knew in Uganda here (expats in Africa move to other African country shocker) or meeting people in airports (everyone transits the same places... and yes, I'm embracing the stereotype) or when people on Gap Yahs meet people from school in hostels in Thailand.

But sometimes it really is weird.

One of my colleagues comes from a village close to my grandmother's village in France. Considering the population of the area, this counts as weird.

When I moved to the US, there were three other British people - and I had at least one friend in common with all three of them.

Then yesterday I was talking to a British guy whose wife works at Save the Children. Turns out he was in Exeter M1 just before I was in Pembroke M1 - we didn't actually compete, but nearly, so lots of Torpids chat was had.

And then there are all the times your friends know one another in unexpected ways. A lot of the time you only notice because of Facebook - seeing a status, then seeing that someone you know has liked it, and thinking 'hang on, how the hell do they know one another'. My favourite one of these was when last year my then boyfriend ended up going on holiday with someone I know from Kent - and didn't realise until my parents were stalking me via his parents.  

Sometimes it feels suffocating, like even when you leave you're still enmeshed in a web of people who all know one another and come from the same places. And most of the time it's really a sign that I need a more diverse social circle - even when I move to Africa I end up hanging out with middle class people from Southern England!

But sometimes it makes you feel at home - and I did enjoy being able to talk about rowing for an hour or so on Sunday evening.

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