Sunday, 15 April 2012

Presidential Suite

Greg and Olivia moved out on Friday, so yesterday I moved down to what we're calling the Presidential Suite, because it's the size of a small flat. In fact, it's the size of *not that small* a flat.

I have joyously put all my clothes into the cupboard and moved into the bathroom, which even has a bath. Not much storage for things other than clothes, but I'm sure I can buy myself some shelves and maybe a desk somewhere, and in the mean time the fact that the room is palatial makes it easy to do the 'neat piles' thing - what annoyed me about my old room was not only the lack of any storage space, but the fact that there wasn't even the floor space to pile things up.

Best of all, I can get the internet in my room, which means I don't have to choose between being able to watch a film in bed at night and being able to download stuff at night (the only time the internet is quick enough to download things). This is basically the height of luxury.

Sadly the camera isn't working, so no pictures, but I might have to borrow one at some point just to show off.

Olivia and Greg are pretty well set up too - we went to visit them last night in their house in Ouakam, about halfway between Point des Almadies and the beaches and Point E, where I live and where the office is. They have a massive, massive house with three bedrooms, a kitchen and big living area, and a patio, for which they're paying 800 Euros a month all-in. Which makes me feel slightly queasy about Oxford rents!

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