Saturday, 14 April 2012

Beaded Thongs and T-Shirts

Last night being Friday, Team Guesthouse headed out. We went to Point Des Almadies, one of the parts of the city that sticks out into the sea, which has loads of seafood restaurants serving amazing, cheap, fresh fish, including local oysters, various fish no-one could identify, and.... sea urchins! Obviously we ordered a plate and passed them round - you don't actually eat the spiky bit, slightly to my relief, they're cut in half for you and you put lemon on and scrape out the flesh from around the outside. It wasn't awful, but to be honest it just tasted like fishy slime, so probably won't go for those again.

So we ate fish and drank cheap white wine, and as we did, people wandered around selling things. A lot of it was the usual African tourist tat - paintings, ebony statues, beaded jewellery. Then there were some T-shirt sellers, one of whom tried to sell me a t-shirt saying 'If you annoy me, I'm getting a second wife'. Just what I've always wanted.

The best though, were the women selling what were obviously beaded thongs. I'd seen these on the beach as well, so I asked one of the other people there, a long-term Dakar resident, about them. Apparently they're very common and a lot of Senegalese women wear them regularly. They're considered very beautiful, and if you sway your hips in a particular way then they're apparently enjoyable to wear. I can't help thinking that no matter how enjoyable to wear they are, you'd still be wearing a beaded thong, which can't be comfortable. But I guess I'm seeing the purpose of underwear differently to the Senegalese, because beading thongs are everywhere and you can even get glow in the dark ones. So that's the Christmas presents sorted then...

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