Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Moscow Diary: Top 5 Metro Stations

5. Novosyabodskaya

A tough spot to fill, but stained glass windows underground is just cool.

4. Mendeleevskaya

They're very different, but I like some of the newer stations too. They're generally whitewashed and in a minimalist style, but with something to make it interesting - at Mendeleevskaya it's the lights, which are a zig-zag metal creation with round balls at each corner, running all the way down the centre of the station. The station is named after Mendeleev who invented the periodic table, so we think the lights are supposed to be evocative of the elements. Which is pretty cool.

3. Komsomolskaya

Like Versailles. Chandeliers, bright paint, mosaics depicting the history of moscow. Gloriously, ludicrously over the top.

2. Mayakovskaya

Impossibly elegant. It makes me want to dress up in a ball gown with long elbow gloves and sip champagne while making witty and intelligent conversation. Or maybe dance a waltz with someone in a tail coat. Sadly they don't approve of you doing that kind of thing on the metro.

1. Ploschad Revolutsi.

By far the most fun. Life-sized statues of happy workers, students and revolutionaries - anyone the Soviets wanted to celebrate - flank each column, and one of them has a dog whose nose you rub for luck - see how its nose is rubbed clean in the picture. The fact that the station is called Revolutionary Square is the icing on the cake.

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  1. Spectacular! Thanks for sharing :)