Monday, 31 October 2011

Moscow Diary: More Metro

The more time I spend in Russia, the more obsessed I get with the Metro. So I've started comparing it with the London Underground:

- The trains are far more frequent in Moscow (Moscow 1, London 0)
- The escalators are incredibly slow and there are often huge bottlenecks getting into the platform (Moscow 1, London 1)
- But the actual platforms tend to be less crowded, presumably because of the more frequent trains and bottlenecks getting down to the platform (Moscow 2, London 1)
- The trains in Moscow have fewer places to hold on and stop and start more aggressively, including occasionally at random in the tunnel, so you occasionally get flung halfway across the carriage and into the person behind you (Moscow 2, London 2)
- The stations in Moscow are incredibly varied and beautiful, so every journey is a little adventure (Moscow 3, London 2)
- But there are very few signs at each station to tell you which station you're at (Moscow 3, London 3)
- But that means you have to memorise the stations and recognise them by their artistic style, which is more fun (Moscow 4, London 3)
- The Moscow metro runs extra services in winter to take into account the fact that the capacity of each train is reduced as people are wearing large coats so take up more space - brilliant piece of planning! (Moscow 5, London 3)
- Moscow is much cheaper (Moscow 6, London 3)
- Moscow starts earlier (5:30am) and runs later (1am) (Moscow 7, London 3)
- Moscow has scary ticket barriers (Moscow 7, London 4)
- Did I mention the stations? I'm counting them again because I like them so much (Moscow 8, London 4)

Surprise surprise, Moscow wins! I love the Metro!

Coming soon, my top 5 favourite metro stations, with pictures.

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