Saturday, 15 October 2011

Moscow Diary: Heating

In the UK, you get to control the level of the heating in your home, and when it goes on and off, and pay the bill yourself for the heat you use. Not so in Russia – at least not in Russian apartments. The heating is controlled centrally for the whole building, so at a particular date, or when it’s been below a particular temperature for a certain number of days, the heating gets switched on for the whole building. In my case, that was last week, and it meant going from sleeping in a hoodie to sleeping in a t-shirt with the window open. Seriously, it’s that hot.

Some thoughts:
- rapid temperature changes = can’t be good for you!
- the bit of my brain that worries about climate change wants to cry. I understand that you need central heating in Russia, but seriously, it’s winter, it’s meant to be cold, just put a jumper on!
- the obsession with high heat has got to be related to not paying gas bills individually, or people would just put jumpers on and turn the heat down to save money.
- I’m going to need to do some serious layering!

On the plus side, at least this way you avoid thermostat wars with your housemates...

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