Thursday, 2 September 2010

Stuff that's good about the US #9 - Beer

I'm ashamed to admit this, but the beer in the US is really good, even (gasp) better than that in the UK.

This was something I was really worried about before I came out to Boston - I thought I'd have to drink crappy Miller and Bud, and was even more worried by the light beer.

But then I discovered microbrews.

In Boston it was Sam Adams, and over here in the West it's about a gazillion times better, with local brews readily available, specialist beer shops, and brewpubs - over 30 brewpubs in Portland alone. Types of beer I didn't even know existed, with a whole range of bitterness and hoppiness. Whatever you like, you can find something that fits that exact taste niche. Seriously, I'm in paradise. Not sure if the majority of the CAMRA fare will suit me (not really into the darker, bitterer ales), but when I get back I'm sure as hell going to try. No more generic lagers for me!

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