Monday, 16 November 2009

Stuff that's Good About the US #8 - Nips

In all liquor stores, everywhere, you can buy the little 50ml bottles of alcohol - in my local corner store for only a dollar apiece. Apart from being fairly bargainous, this is awesome - as a grad student here for only one semester I'm unlikely to get through a whole bottle of gin, whisky or baileys, let alone one of each. But two shots... no problem. I discovered this joy yesterday, when with a horrible cold I decided that the only way forward was to channel my mother's spirit and make myself a hot toddy*. I'd pretty much accepted buying a whole bottle if I needed to - but on seeing the nips my troubles were over. Bought two, used half of one last night, and feel better already - the next one and a half should see me through. May head back tomorrow to stock up on some gin and some baileys.

* for any Blakeleyites with colds that are not yet familiar with the art of treating illness with alcohol, this is the way forward:
- Juice of half a lemon or a bit less
- shot of whiskey
- couple of teaspoons of honey
- 3-5 shots of boiling water.
Seriously, it's magic

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