Sunday, 8 November 2009

How I Feel About Celine Dion

There's a post on Musical Stockholm Syndrome by Myles Estoy of The Estoyage which sums up why, after a couple of months in Burundi, I have a lasting attachment to Celine Dion. So if you ever see my ipod and it has Celine Dion on it, it's not because I have crap taste in music (although I do), it's the Burundians wot did it.

It also explains my lasting affection for the Las Ketchup song, which they were playing all the time when I was in Thailand six years ago. Which just goes to show that Musical Stockholm Syndrome is a lasting condition, and suffers should be approached with caution.

Update: an ever better post on this subject can be found at Journey Without Maps. Remeber, although it's too late for me, with just one song a day you can help save an expatriate from this debilitating condition.

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