Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Culture Shock Diary #9 - 'ways to save power... using your drier'

Been saving this one, but doing laundry today so time to bust it out...

On the back of each toilet door in Blakeley, my residence hall, there is a list of 'ways to save electricity in Blakeley'. It includes no less than four ways to save electricity using your tumble-drier: turn it off as soon as your clothes are dry, dry full loads, dry one load right after another so it's still hot, and clean the fluff out of the filter'. However, they're missing what to me seems like the most obvious way to reduce energy expenditure on drying clothes - stop using the drier and get a bloody clothes rack! Better for the environment AND it doesn't shrink your clothes! Full Disclosure: I'm being hyprocitical here as I don't actually have a laundry rack - but in my defence I've tried not once, but twice to find them in Target and failed, and there's only so much I can do!

While I'm at it on the laundry, the washing machines here drive me insane. They have four options - wash whites, colours, delicates or woolens. I'm guessing that those are in decreasing temperature order, but hard to be sure, and reduces the possibility for what seems like another obvious way to reduce energy - wash clothes on the lowest temperature necessary.

Seriously, no wonder the Americans have such high carbon usage!


  1. True enough, though I do think you will be grateful for that "warm out of the dryer" towel or pair of jeans on a cold winter day. That being said - don't put jeans on straight out of the dryer - you will burn your skin on the zipper.

    And about the colour settings - I've never seen that before. Must be a special feature for those book-smart American kids who are away from home and attempting to do laundry for the first time...

  2. Fair enough on the colour - I'd figured that was a Blakeley-specific gripe rather than the whole US gripe - it was more just an 'while I'm on the topic thing'

    Hope all's well in Geneva!