Saturday, 3 October 2009

Culture Shock Diary #8 - Wellington Boots

Yes, they keep your feet dry, no they don't keep them warm, and no they don't look good. There are plenty of types of shoe that simultaneously keep your feet dry and warm, without looking stupid. It's like crocs - why do it?

Possibly I'm being unfair and they're in fashion in the UK as well. Can anyone comment?

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  1. I do believe Wellington Boots (or "Rubber Boots" as I've always said) have been slowly infiltrating the fashion world over the past couple years. Mainly the kind with plaid or pokadot patterns on them. While I do understand the functionality of rubber boots in a spring rain shower or while digging one's car out of the mud, I am also quite confuzzled about how they have somehow managed to be considered fashionable. Maybe it's the continuation of the laissez-faire approach to fashion, where one spends an hour styling in a effort to look effortless. I do think you should indulge (or at least experiment) in this rubber boot phenomenon while you're in the US - might I suggest adding wool socks to the mix? The kind that stick out over the top of the boot...