Thursday, 10 September 2009

Culture Shock Diary #1 - Cars

Dependence on the car. There isn’t a convenience store anywhere near Tufts; the nearest supermarket is the slightly grotty Johnny Foodmaster, which is the best part of a mile away. To me I’m surprised there isn’t somewhere more local (what if you just want a pint of milk?), but it seems perfectly walkable. The same goes for Whole Foods, which is just over a mile in the other direction. But many in the American contingent disagree, and will wait for someone to be driving to go. My roommate, Ketura, who has a car, wanted to drive to the bookstore, a three minute walk away, the other day; I can see where she was coming from as she needed to pick up a lot of books, but it honestly wouldn’t have occurred to me to drive – until I was struggling back from the store with all my books, when I would metaphorically slap my forehead and think ‘why didn’t I take my car’!

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